Dr. Katie Schenk aims to empower companies with critical insights and best practices based upon the latest scientific evidence on public health and infectious disease. She excels at translating scientific findings into language accessible to non-scientists.

KDS Public Health can provide trainings on CDC guidance for the prevention of infectious disease appropriate for employees returning to the workplace, through remote and/or in-person interactions.  Dr. Schenk can help you to design the most appropriate training program to address the specific needs of your workplace and make sure that you are in compliance with local regulations.

Recent Events

Creating a Safe and Responsible Tourist Experience in the Age of COVID-19

Dr. Katie Schenk presents tailor-made guidance for tourism professionals preparing for future re-opening.

Webinar: Creating a Safe and Responsible Tourist Experience in the Age of COVID-19

Thursday May 27 at 10am EST

Dr. Schenk was a guest speaker for WishTrip’s recent Virtual Town Hall Meeting on preparing for tourist attractions to reopen.

In a webinar geared toward tourism professionals operating outdoor visitor sites worldwide, Dr. Schenk delivered a presentation addressing key considerations for tourist attractions considering their preparations for re-opening to welcome visitors in accordance with local health and safety regulations.

Webinar: Using Science + HR to Better Understand and Prepare for Pandemics

Wednesday, April 22 at 10am

Dr. Schenk was a guest panelist on HR Answer Box’s recent webinar on understanding and preparing for pandemics.

In a webinar geared toward small businesses, Dr. Schenk engaged in conversation with HR expert Amanda Haddaway, managing director of HR Answer Box, to address key questions, including:

Split screen of two women each in home offices

Dr. Katie Schenk (left) and Amanda Haddaway discuss COVID-19 during the HR Answer Box webinar.

  • Should COVID-19 have taken us by surprise or was the science there all along?
  • What if employees have concerns about returning to work?
  • What happens next? How can we prepare for what lies ahead?
  • What if employees feel nervous about working in close proximity to others?
  • Are there prevention opportunities that businesses should implement?

View the recording here. The password is: 6H@+v4Xu

Current Topics

Whatever stage of the pandemic your region is at, KDS Public Health can help. Dr. Schenk can help you to develop tailor-made guidance customized to meet the specific needs of your company or your network.  She is also currently offering webinars and virtual workshops on the following topics:

Practical Guidance

  • Protocols for Infection Prevention in the Workplace (including individual work spaces, communal areas, travel needs, client contact, etc.)
  • Practical Tips for Infection Prevention at Home (including online shopping, food safety practices)
  • Reopening Businesses: Creating a Culture of Responsibility and Preparedness in Your Workplace

COVID-19 Knowledge and Data

  • COVID-19: What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know?
  • Country Case Studies: What Have We Learned?
  • Après le Deluge: Reasons to be Hopeful for the Future

Infectious Disease Prevention, Preparedness and Mitigation

  • Infectious Diseases: Pandemics and Potential
  • Risks of Emerging Infections: Epidemic Preparedness
  • Strategies for Controlling an Emerging Infection
  • Pharmaceutical and Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
  • Risk Communication and Community Engagement

Available Platforms

Dr. Schenk offers the following training and educational platforms:

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Reports and recommendations
  • Keynote speeches
  • Individual consultations
  • Research design and analysis
    • Quantitative (e.g. surveys)
    • Qualitative (e.g. focus groups, in-depth interviews)

Contact Dr. Schenk to discuss developing a webinar or virtual workshop to meet your requirements.

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