Media and Publications

Dr. Schenk is available for media appearances and interviews. Please contact Dr. Schenk directly with any media requests.

Dr Schenk’s regular column series “The Public Health Workforce is Not OK” is available on Substack.

Opinion Pieces

Recent Media Appearances

NPR National Public Radio, Interview for “All Things Considered.”  Broadcast 11/23/2022. 

CNN Health, Interview for “Thousands of public health experts are losing their jobs at a critical time.” Broadcast 11/14/2022. 

de Beaumont Foundation. Guest blog post: The Public Health Workforce: Looking for a Diagnosis.  Published 08/02/2022. 

Dear Pandemic.  Guest blog post: Evidence-based strategies for minimizing exposures to COVID-19 after Summer Camp.  Published 08/02/2022.