As businesses across all sectors respond to the unprecedented impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Schenk can work individually with managers to help determine best practices and next steps.

Safely Reopening Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

While discussion continues regarding the optimal timing to lift restrictions, one thing seems clear: full reopening will not happen overnight. Companies must look ahead and carefully plan for how to reopen safely and responsibly, while minimizing risks to employees, clients and the wider community.

Planning ahead is crucial to make sure that, once the restrictions start to ease, businesses are poised to reopen. Whatever stage of the coronavirus pandemic your region is at, Dr. Schenk can work with you to provide guidance about risks and appropriate protections in your location. She can also facilitate staff briefings on expectations and behaviors in the changing workplace.

Dr. Schenk can work with you to create policies and procedures to make sure that your business is well-prepared for the protection of employees and clients.

For example, individual consultations can cover:

  • Plans for emergency preparedness and response that are specific to the protection needs of your workplace
  • Draft signage to remind workers of expectations
  • Guidance for physical distancing protocols in the office
  • Communicating behavioral expectations for staff, clients and vendors
  • Expectations for staff behavior: creating a culture of compliance and responsibility
  • Recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting office spaces

Planning Policies and Procedures

Does your business have the documents you need to plan for the future? Examples include:

  • Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Emergency Communications Plan

Dr. Schenk can work with you to develop and document protocols specific to the needs of your business.

Contact Dr. Schenk to arrange for an initial consultation to discuss your business’s specific needs.

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